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Aug 17
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Wednesday, 18 August 2010 23:28

Kennedy Dancers Inc. Policies

The Kennedy Dancers fees are based on a four week per month basis.

In the case of some months that contain five weeks,

there is no additional charge to the student for that 5th wee. 

Conversely, if a month only has 3 weeks of lessons due to holidays,

the 4 session per month stays and is balanced out by

the 5 week months. I you still feel that you want that 4th class

you may take an individual class

as a make-up if you want. However, you must be registered. 



Registration Fee:  $25 

Registration fee is per student and is good for 1 year.

It is due when the student registers for classes.

If a student does not come to class for over one month,

a new registration fee must be paid upon return.

Rules for Payment & Refund:


All tuition is due before the 8th of every month and can be paid for by cash, money orders,

Visa or Master Card. Payments made after the 8th have a $10 late charge.

If a payment not received by the 15th of the month, the student will not be allowed to attend class until all tuition is paid.

Tuition for May & June must be paid TOGETHER by May 8th. 

There are NO refunds on dance classes, summer camp, uniforms,

registration fee or recital  costumes. 

Absentee Policy : Students may take a similar class as a make-up,

only during the time that they are registered.


Class Fees:

All Classes are once a week  with monthly tuition fees unless otherwise noted.     

SIBLING DISCOUNT: If two or more children of the same parents register,

we will only charge one registration fee. ($25 per child savings)
Pay 9 months in advance and get June Free.


Children and  Teen Classes:


Combo Classes are $75 monthly. If you take two Combo Classes, you get a discount of $10 ($140 per month)

ALl other Children/Teen Classes:

    Any 1 class per week         $65 per month

    Any 2 classes per week    $120 monthly*    *(New low recession prices)

    Any 3 classes per week    $155  monthly*   *(New low recession prices)


    Any 4 classes per week    $175 monthly*   *(New low recession prices)

    Any 5 classes per week    $195 monthly*   *(New low recession prices)

 Students taking 5 Classes are allowed to add up to two more classes  per week free of charge!!



Adult Classes:(All Adult Classes are paid Eight Weeks at a time)


See payment schedule for Adult Classes below... 

One 8 Week Session is $115 

Two Classes per week for an 8 week Session is $180.  (SPECIAL $50 OFF REGULAR PRICE) 

Three Adult Classes per week for 8 Weeks and pay only $250.  (EVEN BIGGER SAVINGS!) 


ZUMBA iPACKAGE CHARGE IS ONLY $115 per month whether

you take One Class per Week or Four Classes per week.

(That's between 16 and 20 classes per month!) 


DROP-IN Fees for ZUMBA is $12.50 per session. 

TRIAL CLASSES FOR ALL OTHER CLASSES  (Children & Adults) is $25.00.

If a student decides to register for class, the Trial fee will be deducted from the sum of the Class they Choose.


Senior Classes: Are essentially free but now require a small $10 per month fee

because the economy now warrants it to cover rising costs of providing several weekly classes.


Private Lessons:  

(by appointment only are charged per class)

A minimum of four private classes must be paid for in advance. 

Private Dance Lessons (Ballet, Tap, Modern, Belli Dance, Hip Hop, Ballroom):

$60 for a 60 minute class.

$30 for a  1/2 hr. class

This covers either one or two people (If you wish to bring a partner)..



There are five 8 week sessions for Adults.

Listed below are the weeks that begin each 8 week session. Your Class will begin during the week listed.

Payment is made in full at your first class of your 8 week session.

Call for More Information (201) 659-2190 


Session 1: Begins the week of Sept. 12th

Session 2: Begins the week of Nov. 7th

Session 3: Begins the week of Jan 2nd

Session 4:  Begins the week of Feb. 27th

Session 5: Begins the week of April 23rd 


Full Payment is due at your first class at the beginning of your 8 week session. 

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