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Jan 30
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Dance Vista is in its 19th year as an award winning television series that provides a Vista into the creation and motivation of expressionary movement. The show currently revolves around an interview format that blends around and through lively dialogue guided by host,

Diane Dragone.

Diane is an experienced and knowledgeable host who is an established and internationally renowned choreographer as well as Artistic Director of The Kennedy Dancers. She is a multi award winning host and choreographer who provides a lively counterpoint to her guests. From stage, to countless new dance videos in avant-garde locations, Dance Vista attempts to spotlight the artists behind and within the movements.



Watch a clip of the Kennedy Dancers performing

"9/11, In the Shadow of the World Trade Center" at Liberty Science Center...


Currently there is a wide audience that appreciated dance but very few good looks into the process.

Dance Vista celebrates and shares the joy of choreography.

Previous Guests on Dance Vista...

Eliot Feld and “Ballet Tech”, a vibrant young company guided by one of America's foremost prolific choreographers.

Buglisi/Forman. Long term Martha Graham dancers and now well established professionals who are re-inventing dance through new works.

Dances by Isadora/ recreating works of the dancing innovator

Motion Picture Movement and Theater, A dance company that blends aerial choreography with some dark societal themes.

Maher Benham, who is pushing the envelope of modern dance choreography.

Kitty Lund, a professional dancer who broke her back on the day of her Broadway premiere. Now a paraplegic, Kitty leads her own dance company fro a wheelchair and a mixed cast of dancers.

Randy James, a New Jersey choreographer who blends modern themes and artistic expression.

Henning Rubsam & Sensedance, a German choreographer with fast moving modern work.




DANCE VISTA IS DIRECTED BY Tom Horan, one of the most accomplished dance documenters on the east coast who has produced more than 500 commercials and 300 television shows. Contact: the Kennedy Dancers & DANCE VISTA…

79 Central Ave.

Jersey City, New Jersey 07306

Call:(201) 659-2190

Fax (201) 792-1523 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Attention Choreographer

DANCE VISTA is a cable television program, which serves as a showcase for the choreographic process. DANCE VISTA specifically focuses on emerging, women and minority dancers who would otherwise have no access to audiences beyond their locales. DANCE VISTA is recipient of four Cable Awards for Programming Excellence (CAPE) from the Cable Television Network, of New Jersey for Best Series by an Independent Producer in the Culture Category.

Dance Vista currently has a viewership of four million homes throughout New Jersey and New York City.  Each show is 29 minutes long.

DANCE VISTA, hosted by Kennedy Dancers Artistic Director, Diane Dragone, provides an inside look into the creative spark and dedicated work that makes for a finished dance piece. The show seeks not only to give young choreographers broad exposure, but also to educate the audience about the building blocks of dance. Each DANCE VISTA broadcast educates, informs, humors, and touches the spirits of the viewers.

With limited performance opportunities, many emerging artists are discouraged. Most dancers and choreographers cannot make a living through dance and the artistic talent of many is squandered as a result.

A recent National Endowment for the Arts report, Dancemakers, concludes: "The physical and financial strains of pursing a choreographic career are severe and impede the creative process."

DANCE VISTA serves choreographers by significantly increasing their audience and serves the viewers by exposing them to original works in a format that focuses on both the dance and the artist's inspiration as described in the show's interviews. Given its proximity to NYC, the New Jersey's arts community is often overlooked. Many talented New Jersey artists do not receive the attention of which they are so worthy. DANCE VISTA addresses that need by celebrating dance in all of its forms.

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